Aloo and the narrator of the story are the youngest children in a single-parent family. Their older siblings have all left home. Their mother is awidow who has raised have children on her own. Aloo wants to studymedicine, not agriculture. He harbours the ambition to go to America tostudy. He writes to some American Universities hoping to get ascholarship. When a well-known American University o!ers him ascholarship, Aloo"s dream is set to come true. However, his mothersays that she cannot a!ord to send him to America. , a school o&cer. He tells her thatgetting scholarship is good for Aloo"s future he also cautions her that shemay lose him if she lets him go so far away. 'eeing her son"sdisappointment, #other decides to let her son go in the end
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