Before meeting his doppelganger, John was an honest man. However, he became secretive after meeting his doppelganger. He was not truthful. John did not tell Andrea about this incident. John thought that Andrea would not understand him. John came home late. Andreaasked why he was late. John lied to Andrea. He said that he argued with Peter at work. He told Andrea that he and Peter talked about it at Zsolt’s café. Actually, John went to Zsolt’s café to find the man. The next few days, he always came home late. Andrea was unhappy. She thought that John had another woman. They argued with each other.
John always spent time thinking about his doppelganger. He could not concentrate on his work. He always made Andrea angry. This was shown when John and his family went to Hungary. They spent New Year with Andrea’s family. John did not join the family activities very much. Instead, he sat around thinking about his doppelganger. Andrea was mad. He wanted John to pay more attention to his family. John tried to be a better husband and father. However, that did not last long.
John always dreamt about his doppelganger. He always woke up feeling terribly afraid.When he had this dream, he could only focus on his doppelganger. He knew that his doppelganger was trying to give a message. He checked his diary. He met his doppelganger on 18 January. He told Andrea about this information. He told Andrea that he wanted to find out what happened on 18 January. Andrea was very angry. John could not stop thinking about his doppelganger. Then, John pleaded Andrea to follow him to Felka utca on the second 18 January. John hoped that they could meet his doppelganger again. Andrea was not happy with the idea. But she agreed to help John for the last time.
After meeting the doppelganger, John became obsessed to find the truth about his doppelganger. John was desperate to find out what happened on 18 January. He lied to his boss. He told his boss that he had to take care of his baby because Andrea was not well. His boss gave him some time off. He used the time to go to the Budapest City Library to read old newspapers. He went to the library again on Saturday. He told Andrea that he had a meeting at work. He lied to Andrea. However, Andrea found out that John lied to him. Andrea called his office. John was not in his office. They fight with each other again. At the library, John found out about Mrs Szabo. Mrs Szabo and her child died in an explosion. John wanted Andrea to help him find out somebody from Mrs Szabo’s family. She refused. Later, John met Mrs Fischer. He got a lot of information about Janos Szabo. Janos Szabo was John’s doppelganger. He also went to the Public Records Office. John wanted to tell Andrea about the information that he got from Mrs Fischer and the Public Records Office. However, he did not tell Andrea. He knew that Andrea would not listen and understand John. She did not want to listen to John’s doppelganger story. She did not believe John. Andrea wanted John to pay more attention to his family. John and Andrea became distant with each other. John was left to handle his problems alone.In a nutshell, John’s doppelganger affected John’s life especially his relationship with AndreaPosted by StudentCafe at 07:02