Exposition-Lynne waits impatienly for headmaster Velos to announce the results of the short story competition .He announces Geoff as the winner of the short story competition with Lynne in second place.Lynne is dissapointed but hides her feelings as the congratulates Geoff.

conflict-Lynne keeps her short story and puts aside her dissapointment and carries on with her school work.she concentrates on making to the school basketball team.she even enjoys Geoff joke about the headmaster close winner

Climax-Lynne comes across Bradburie's story about an elephant which escaped in a park . She assumes that Geoff has cheated by copying this story.she debates on whether to tell headmaster Velos and how to do it.She decides not to do or say anything about it.

Falling Action-After a class discussion on careers.Lynne mentions the name,Bradburie in a sudden burst of anger.Lynne notices that Geoff looks disturbed abd fells that sooner or later the truth will be out .Lynne is called to the headmaster's office .Geoff is there too and the medal is on a Bradburie book on the table

Resolution-Headmaster Velos tells Lynne that Geoff feels his story of elephant based on a story he read three years ago .As such his story may not be original and so the results of the competition is to be reversed.Geoff is not disqualified but Lynne's story is now accepted as the 1st-place winner.This is unexpected and Lynne fells cheated as it is an empty victory.Then,the story enda with twist as Lynne Begins to wonder whether she has read any story about a sheepdog.