I'm not going to give you a straight answer seeing that could count as cheating,though I would give you the beginning of essay :

   Last weekend,me and my family went to our hometown to visit our grandparents. It took us at least 3 hours to arrive to our destination,which was _______ (you can put anything on the blank,just make sure its a state). Me and my little brother hug and greet our grandparents right after they opened the door.

After this paragraph, add things like you helped your parents unpack the bags and activities you did there. You can say you went for a swim at a river near you, or even say you went shopping. I suggest making two or three paragraphs for the contents.
Oh -- and do an ending saying that you started packing and went home. I also suggest you saying how you felt when leaving as the last sentence. But if you choose 'sad' for the emotion, add "but I was happy to be able to meet them." so that it doesn't sound depressed or sad.