Your pen-pel from france wouldlike to visit same places of interest in Kota Bharu in November.She would like to know more about the city.Write a postcard to your friend telling her about at least three places she can visit in Kota Bharu.Write your answer between 50 to 80 words.



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Dear Elizabeth,
I heard that you will be visiting Kota Bharu in November, and would like to visit interesting and fun places. I founded some and wanted to share it with you. Firstly, you can visit Bank Kerapu. Bank Kerapu is a historical building build in 1912. It is used as a bank by " The Mercatile Bank of India Ltd",and is also the first bank in Kelantan. Secondly, you can visit Istana Jahar which was a royal residence. It was build in 1855 and is now a museum. Lastly, you can visit Temenggor Lake, the second largest lake in Peninsula Malaysia. This man-made lake is has a lot of notable features like Banding Island Resort and Belum Forest. I hope you have a save trip!

Also,I haven't counted how many words I have written so if its more then 80 then remove the unnecessary information :)