This is a drama false impressions. Towers chandler,an office worker, has an interesting routine.He sets aside a dollar every week from his earnings.Then on the tenth week,he spends the money on a night out on the town.He wears his finest clothes,goes to a finest restaurant and pretends to be someone from the upper class. One day,he has a chance encounter with a young,plainly-dressed woman named Marian,Chandler takes a liking to her and asks her to join him for dinner.During dinner,Chandler keeps up With his pretenses and tells her about his life as a man of leisure.Marian seems disappointed that he has no proper job or ambition and leaves the restaurant after dinner. When Marian gets home,it becomes apparent that she is actually a lady from the upper class,and not a shop girl as Chandler had assumed,she is regretful that although she likes Chandler,she does not like the lifestyle that he leads.The ending makes the readers wonder if a friendship could have developed between them if only they had been genvine with each other.
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what the character and moral about this story can you explain