Jawapan Paling Bijak!

Studies have shown that the time men spend with their children is almost equal to the time their wives spend with children, a huge increase since the ‘70s. A research study indicated that the number of men, who thought that women have the stereotyped role of child rearing, has dropped significantly over the past thirty years or so.In the past twenty years or so, a new healthy trend of men taking care of the household has emerged. Men are choosing to be stay at home dads, and take care of the children and the household, while their wives or partners step out of the house to earn. In many of these households, the women are the sole breadwinners. This is a trend to be encouraged. It helps break stereotypes that define the roles of the genders. Had this scene unfolded in the ‘80s or the ‘90s, the men would have been criticized for being effeminate or soft. However, today society views this change with less prejudice. This change has to echo world over, so that men who wish to pursue their artistic endeavors, or want to spend more time with their children, and are opting for home based jobs can do so without a second thought. Of course, this has to be after discussions with and consent of their partners.

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