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1.As the eldest ,you get to experience ~live events~before your younger sibling .Meaning you're much wiser.
2.Older siblings love being the go-to confidant when Mom and Dad just don’t understand.
You also had other people to blame for your mishaps when you were little (SORRY, BUT IT’S TRUE). 4.You know you’re lucky to have younger siblings to *gently* push your interests upon .
5. you’re honored to have the responsibility of telling them what kind of life choices to NOT make.
Growing up, you always got to be “in charge” whenever your parents were away.
you’ve always gotten dibs on other important things, like the family car, and the bigger bedroom.
You get first dibs on some pretty important stuff, like which character you want to be in Mario Kart.
you kind of love that your younger brothers and sisters are usually expected to follow in your footsteps.
As the oldest, you aren’t expected to follow in anyone’s footsteps.
You have the opportunity to be the ~cool older sibling~ in the eyes of your brothers’ and sisters’ friends.
You love being able to watch your baby brothers and sisters grow up to be pretty cool people…

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