Guna teknik 5Ws dan 1H

(Guna teknik "senses")

•Sight-what we see or observe
•Sound-What we hear or listen
•Touch-What we feel,what we come in contact with
•Taste-perceive something using the tongue
•Smell-Ability to detect odour


I woke up in the morning and felt "the heat of the sun" through my open window.I heard the "sound of plates and glasses clanking" so I knew that it was my mother who was busy preparing breakfast.I tried to cover myself with the blanket but the "smell of scrambled eggs" was too tempting that it lured me out of bed.As i entered the kitchen,I saw my mother spreading a "thick layer of butter" and scrambled eggs on the "freshly toasted bread".I could not wait to sink my teeth into the hot toast with the "melted butter dripping" down the sides.I took a bite and it "tasted just heavenly"

Harap harap teknik ni dapat membantu anda :D