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Based on the novel How I Met Myself,the character that i admire the most is Andrea.

Andrea Taylor is a sharp and observant lady who teaches Hungarian to foreigners.Shrewd and intelligent,she insists on details of her husband's first encounter with his doppelganger and closely observes events when they revisit the site a year later.At the crisis,she notices that John doppelganger is wearing an old-fashioned coat and remembers that doppelgangers can sometimes be seen by somebody close if it has an important message.A loving and sensitive wife,she is aware of John's needs and worries,and shares his fears.Andrea is outspoken and insists that John spend holidays and quality time with Kati and her.

Hard-working and flexible,Andrea works in Zsolt's café when she loses her biggest client.She is practical and innovative,and transforms the café to attract ladies.Endowed with a cool head and a sense of humour,she laughingly tells her husband that it was his "friend" who had saved their lives.Early in the story,she sees the funny side of her jealousy when she assumes that John had found another women.
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