Based on the Captain Nobody novel written by Dean Pitchford, there are some act of kindness shown by the characters in this novel. Firstly, Newt is kind by caring for his family and he showed it by cooking their breakfast in the morning although they did not ask for it. This is due to mom, dad and Chris busy life until they did not have the the time to spend for themselves at home. So, in order to keep them healthy and fit, Newt ensure that his family eats the breakfast although they need to rush continuing their busy life. It is clear that we need to be kind to our own family especially when they are busy and does not have the time to rest their body and mind. By helping them, we could make up their day to be much better and full of cherishness.
   Next, Newt also shows his kindness when he helps his friends who are in trouble. We can see this when Cecil, who likes to play drums, ask for Newt's help to climb and reach for the set of drum he had been watching since he was there in the first place. Newt who was afraid of height, can't bear the feeling of being on the top of the Dumpster. But, for his best friend, he was willing to put away all those negative feelings of him and quickly get the drum for Cecil. This shows great act of kindness for friends especially when they are in need for each other. In my opinion, people nowadays should care and be kind with their loved ones to ensure a great bond between families, friends and other people.

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