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  Night market is a very unique place in our country.Most of the locals and foreigners agree that night market is a wonderful feature in Malaysia because people from all walks of life could be seen there .Usually,night markets open  once a week and during weekends.Many people goes  there to experience the night market by themselves.

   The night market starts at 4 p.m. when vendors are arriving and setting up their stalls.More and more goods laden vans arrive to start their brisk day of business.Once they have set up their stalls,they wait patiently for their customers.

   The excitement of the night market starts in the late evening.The people who live within a stone's  away and far away start arriving at the night market.They glimpse every single stall in looking for the best deals.The vendors shout to attract their customers.

    The night market is also known as a haven or food heritage where people can taste many mouth-watering delicacies.There are also fruits,clothes,beverages,accessories and many more sold at their stalls respectively.The customers also haggle with the vendors to buy the goods with the best deal.This further enhances the exciting atmosphere.

     The rainbow-coloured parasols also colour up the night market.The number of people at the night market keep  increasing when the dark sky starts to roll in.The people walked in an endless stream.Children who tag along with their parents will be glued to the toys sold there.There are different race,people and colours.

     By 10 pm,the number of the people keeps reducing and the vendors decide to call it a day.The litter and food waste will be left on the road.The road will be deserted except for the stray dogs and cats.