On the eve of the 1911 Revolution, a time of troubles, Nan Shan Zhuang owner Yang [should be Duan] Muhai is making preparations for the fire/flare festival. Muhai is very wealthy. With the help of the Qing government looted people's wealth, his family lives in extravagance. Muhai's favorite is the youngest daughter Ai Yue, bright and intelligent, very understanding towards others but she is very clear on the lines of love and hate, she is not like other family members always ordering people around, shouting at the servants. Enmity developed between Ai Yue and servant girl Ah-Ci due to a small matter. Ah-Ci is a silly girl, no matter the time of day she likes to dance with bamboo pole and smoke box, sings folk songs. Her singing infected/influenced Ai Yue, always being mischievous with Ah-Ci. At the fire/flare festival is a handsome bright young fellow named Liu Bo En and Long Chulai, four young people meeting each other, get along very quickly. Ai Yue gradually falls for Bo En, but she's too proud and unwilling to reveal her feelings. Instead this lets Ah-Ci to have the opportunity to be with him. Ah-Ci is passionately in love with Bo En. Long Chulai admires Ai Yue, but because of his ugly looks he keeps it to himself, can only secretly love Ai Yue. The 1911 Revolution erupts, Muhai's family meets hard times, Bo En is assigned to Beijing, Ai Yue is forced to fulfill a childhood marriage contract - but is sold by her heartless husband to a notorious opium lord. Intead the ruthless Wang Kun is moved by Ai Yue's Sandao tea, a friendship arises b/w the two people and he also finances Ai Yue's tea garden. Muhai suddenly dies, putting the heavy burden of the Duan family on Ai Yue's shoulders; on one hand she has to develop the tea garden, on the other she has to subside internal friction. For a while she is mentally and physically exhausted, fortunately Ah-Ci and Long Chulai comes out to help. As time wears on, Ai Yue develops a subtle feeling for Long Chulai, cannot say whether it's love or friendship.