Is this question of English oral test?
these are my opinion…
~nowdays many parents like to compare their children's result,they will give many pressure on their children,and some of them will feel stress during the exam because they will afraid can't do as well as usual and make their parents disappointed…
~some of the children will compare their result with their friends too …as their faces ,they want to do the best but also will cause stress…
~some of the children also afraid that they will no friend because of their bad result
~didt study well in normal days
HOW to solve these problems?
using a right way to study
relax like doing your hobby
study group with best friend
(cause I am a stupid ,you can skip my answer,thank you)

I actually agree with JaneYong. Parents nowadays like to compare their children results with other people's child and it make the students feel bad for getting a bad results from their examination.This will make them lose confident in themself and lead to stress and anxiety.They will feel shy too to be friend with other students that considered clever because they feel they not worth it to be friend with them because they feel they not that clever.They want to do better but the pressure make them feel stress.I think parents should give more support to their children and try to compliment them even they not doing that good in their examination.The students also no need to be shy with other friends that are clever but they should use this chance to learn from them.