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•youngest child in the family-doing his final year in school.
•a good student who does well in school examinations,straight As.
•is inspired by a former teacher who returns from America for a visit to think on furthering his education overseas in America.
•not keen on studying agriculture at a local university
•diligent-writes to universities to get necessary information for further studies
•ambitious-wants to study medicine
•extremely happy when offered a scholarship to study in California Institute of Technology
•spirited and courageous-willing to do part-time work while studying
•tries to convince other that he will definitely return to his homeland after his studies
•obedient-willing to accept mother's decision-does not speak about overseas education and prepares to study agriculture locally
•could not suppress his excitement when mother finally allows him to go overseas
•writes letter from London to mother-letter which is full of excitement creates doubts in mother's mind about Aloo in the future.
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