Jawapan Paling Bijak!
1.The boy is packing his bag
2.She is pulling the rope as hard as she can
3.The maid is scrubbing the floor
4.Alisha likes to skate during her free time
5.Maddy is helping his mum to sweep the floor
6.Caroline is turning right as she is heading for the hospital
7.Vineesh is painting the wall red
8.Thvya is pushing the box as hard as she can
9."I need to see what is behind the wall"said Kavi
10.Suvinita is skipping happily in the park
11.Vinoth is swimming in the pool
12.Kishen is taking his evening walk around the park
13.Enusha is pasting the stamps in her collection book
14.Kishira is sweeping the dried leaves using a rake
15.Danny is setting the dining table for his wife
16.Sharvini is sleeping soundly in her room
17.Prisha is playing on the swing
18.Nittya is helping her mom to wash the dishes
19.Nani is picking a fruit from the tree
20.Amirah is reading her favourite horror stories
21.Mrs.Koh is sewing her son's pants
22.Christopher is sliding down the slide
23.Pavan is taking the ladoo
24.Divya is waying at Anusha
25.Jeevandeep takes good care of his plant
26.Angel is riding her scooter 
27.The man is shouting for help
28.The boy is sneezing badly
29.Tiviyah is talking to her mother on the phone
30.Divina is wiping the table
31.The baby is playing with his toys
32.The man is rowing the boat across the river
33.The man is showing his project to his boss
34.Roy is spinning the ball on his finger
35.Renusha is telling Thurgashini a secret
36.Mr.Nathan has lots of work to be done in the office
37.Mack is pointing at his friend
38.The thieft is running as fast as he can away from the police
39.The singer is singing beautifully
40.The crowd is standing at the bus stop
41.Herald is throwing the ball as far as he can
42.Linggesh is writing his essay
43.Tanesh is pouring the juice into the glasses to serve it to the guests
44.Khirtik is sailing his boat
45.Tinesh is sitting idle on the grass
46.Ahmad stopped at the junction and looked left and right for any signs of cars
47.Khirtini is tying her shoe laces
48.Renuga is yawning because she is very tired after a long day spent in school
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