1. Why do you think the brochure says that Kota Bharu is best explored on foot?

2. Suggest another way of improving our photography skills.

3. Why do you think talking loudly over the mobile phone in public places is considred as a bad habit?

4. Do you consider dirtying public washrooms a bad habit? Why?

5. Why is it important to have a first aid pouch?

6. Why is getting enough sleep important to our health? Give two reasons.

7. Your friend Aiman has extraordinary ambitions like Tan Sri Tony Fernandes. How would you encourage him? Give suggestions.

8. Would you have taken the same risk as the writer?



4. dirtying public washroom is a bad habit because the one who did it is very irresponsible. public washroom is used by all people. dirtying washroom can led to odour. so, we must together taking care of it.

6. Enough sleep is important because it can make us more energetic on the next day; we can reduce stress of tired working