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The novel that i have read is Dear Mr Kilmer. There are many important event that i have learnt. One of them is when Richard first become close to Hannah when he notices that the cover of Hannah's book has been scrawled with the words 'Dirty Hunt'. In the story, Richard develops a friendship with Hannah. As a friend, he stands by her and supports her.

The event showed the important of frienfship. Frienship is important because when you have a true friend, you do not need anyone else. Wheh Richard stands by Hannah, the students make malicious remarks. But it doesnt bother him. As a matter of fact, he becomes closer to her. Last but not least, friendship is important because they are there when you need emotional help. Hannah understands Richard better than the rest. She understands his love for poetry and his friendship with Joyce Kilmer. When he is killed battke, she tells him about it and sympathises wuth him. Richard too understands hannah's worry. He knows what she must be feeling as her brother otto is in the war in Europe fighting for Americans. He knows what she is going through. Friendship helps us get through difficult times. <3
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tngok bdminton jp.. be back ltrr
Okay same laa kite...thanks sebb tolong
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