.The Indonesian Declaration of Independence was officially proclaimed at 10.00 a.m. sharp on Friday,August 17, 1945. The declaration marked the start of the five year diplomatic and armed-resistance of the Indonesian National Revolution, fighting against the forces of the Netherlands until the latterofficially acknowledged Indonesia's independence in 1949. In 2005, the Netherlands declared that theyrecognized Indonesian independence is in 1945, not 1949.      Every year on 17th August, Indonesia’s celebrate the Independence Day. It’s very fun. There are a lot of contest, like Panjat Pinang. And in Istana Merdeka, they are having ceremony. May be, some of you goto have celebrate. You must be spirit in the Independence Day, you look our hero, and they are held thepass to gain freedom. And us, we’re as the student, we have to have spirit to celebrate theIndependence Day. If you confess you’re Indonesia’s people, you must care about Indonesia, theIndependence Day of Indonesia, and all of Indonesia you must like, because it’s your country.