Interesting character in novel captain nobody is newton Newman . He is the protagonist of the story , I like this character because he is very caring . Newton makes breakfast for his family every morning although he is only ten years old. he always asks his parents about chris's condition and fells upset after seeing Chris hooked up to wires and machines at the hospital. in addition , I like this character because he is selfless. he always put other first and cares deeply for their feelings. Newton feel proud of his brother's achievements and does not envy him . He accept the fact that he is ignored by his friends at school but does not feel sorry for himself. I also like this character because he is smart and thinks fast before talking action. He tells Cecil to get down from the wagon as he may fall it the bass drum rolls down the dumpster . Newton is also able to guide Reggie to the ladder on the water tower despite the danger of falling into the empty water tank. Based on these reasons , this is an interesting character for me