Dawan is persevering and determined. although people oppose, she does not give up her fight to study in the city. it is her dream and she struggles to overcome the obstacles in her path. when she gets the scholarship,her father pressures her to give it to her brother,kwai,because it is his dream that kwai should study in the city and help him and the villagers.her selfish and jealous brother insists on studying in the city too and the only way he can do it is by snatching her only chance. he refuses to give in although she pleads that it is her last chance and he still has many chance to apply and go later. dawan is also mature and fair to people. for a young girl,she is mature to understand her father's problems. after paying the rent for the rice-fields,he does not have enough rice for the family like the other farmers. dawan thinks that it is unfair of the landlord to collect sacks of rice from them as rent. later in class,she asks teacher why he should own all the land instead of the farmers and what makes him inherit it.
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