I believe that my birthday is a special day ever it make me feel like my family and friends do care about me. but for once i thought that they did not care about me.
what is today? i said to myself while looking at my phone. it is 24 march! tomorrow is my birthday! i cannot believe that i forgot my own birthday. i thought it ia because for the past three days i have been busy packing my stuff get ready to go to america next week. i will be 17 years old tomorrow and i think this year is the last year that i will have my birthday party here in malaysia. i always have a birthday party but i think i am not going to have one this year. it is because my birthday is tomorrow that we do not have time to get everything ready for the party. i went to the dining room to go eat. when i got there everyone was eating like they did not know what tomorrow was! i got mad and sad a little. i started to think to myself "do they remember my birthday?". i went outside to play with my friends still,not one said anything. i was going to tell my friends but we were playing and having too much fun. i got home and realized that i forgot to tell them but today everyone was acting so weird to me. i believe that they did not forget my bitrhday. what if they did forget it? today is 25 march,when i woke up i saw a very pretty dress, it was pink and had a big bow on the back. the bow was white and the dress went down to my knees. i looked around and i saw a note on my table,it was from my mother. the note said to get the dress and after i got dress i had a very good feeling at the moment. after i opened the door i saw all my friends and my family standing there with a cake,everyone said happy birthday to me and it just made me so hsppy. i thought they had forgetten my birthday,but no they did not. there are the best family and friends i have ever had. my mom said to me " we are never going to forget your birthday,happy birthday sweet heart ". i look at the picture that my family and my friends took on my birthday and it made me remember the best party ever,it was because my friends and my family being there on my special day. i will never forget that day. that day wad the most unforgettable moments of my life. i should not have ever thought that they did not care about me and they forget about me. i believe that my family and my friends will always be there for me and they will never forget my special day.