Theme,character that you like,moral value,lesson learn 
1.A character that shows determination (perseverance / persistence)
2.Write about a theme in the novel                                                                  3.Write about a lesson learnt from the novel                                                  4.How a character tries to solve his or her problems                                      5.How a character overcomes a main problem                                              6.A character that you admire (who can be your role model / look up to/ would like to emulate / be friends with)                                                            7.A character who believes in himself or herself                                            8.A character that you dislike (do not like)                                                      9.Write about two characters who have conflict                                              10.Write about an event that has taught you a lesson                                    11.An event / incident that changes the life of a character                             12.An event / incident that is meaningful / important / interesting                   13.An event / incident that makes you happy                                                  14.An event /incident that motivates you


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