Everybody knows that the internet has many advantages, but it can also be full of disadvantages, for example,cyber friendsĀ . The internet is very unsafe, because the biggest part of chats, as facebook, twitter or my space, ask for details about our personal lives, and that can be very dangerous, because we don't know who is in the other side . It is very important to be careful with the internet's world, because there are many predators in this specific world . These predators, or hackers, are people that lie about their own personality and talk with many people in the internet, using a false identity, in order to destroy their lives . Then, cyber space, as well as cyber friends, are very dangerous and have many disadvantages . we should be careful with what we write in chats or sites . In my opinion, to ask for explanations about my own identity is the same as invasion of privacy, and that isn't right . Because of all these dangers, i advise everybody to pay attention, because there are many hackers in the world of the internet, and i hope that people don't show their identities in chats .