Love and frienship.
-Newt loved his family members although sometimes he did not get the attention he deserved
-Newt, together with Mom and Dad, would attend and give support in every game that Chris was playing
-Mom and Dad were willing waiting for Chris to wake up from his coma 
-Chris loved his brother as they would share jokes when they met each other
-Cecil and JJ stood behind Newt no matter what happened. They helped each other, even in the event of creating Captain Nobody's costume 
Themes: Friendship
Evidence: This can be shown by the support, motivation, encouragement given by Newton, Cecil and JJ. They are the best friends that having fun and going through difficult times together. Cecil and JJ drop by Newton House the following day after Chris being hospitalized. They bringing him CD to cheer him up. They also help Newton to create his costume for Halloween. When Newton wearing Captain Nobody costume in the class, everyone in the class stare and laugh at him. However, Cecil show his thumb-up and JJ smiles at him. Besides, Cecil motivates Newton to overcome his acrophobic when Newton agree to climb up the big dumpster to help Cecil bring down a big bass drum. Furthermore, JJ and Cecil courageously stand up for Newton when Ricky Ratner threaten him. Together, Cecil, JJ and Newton trying to catch the Ferocious. (Add your own personal respond. Example: In my opinion, I feel amazed / touched ....  elaborate more on your personal respond in your own words. Do not copying 100% of the evidence in your personal respond.)