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One theme in the novel sing to the dawn by minfong ho is gender inequality. in this novel,dawan, a fourteen year old thai girl,clearly portrays the issue of being discriminated when she wins a scholarship to study in a city school but faces many challenges because of her gender. first and foremost, this issue of discrimination against girl is not only affecting dawan,the main character but all the girls and women in the village as shown in the novel. for example, vichai's parents let him study but the want boa,his sister to work outside since she does not help in the house. they are treated unfairly without any respect at home and boys like kwai and vichai naturally do the same since they grow up watching this discrimination in their households. next,the issue of discrimination against girl is also clearly seen when dawan wins the scholarship to study in a city but her own father is against her going. the reason is he thinks that it is not right for a mere girl to go in kwai's place to the city. he also unfairly compares and favours kwai over dawan with the idea that kwai will become a man who will be able to help him after studying where as a fancy education will be worthless if it is given to dawan. he wants to exercise his power to forbid her when she tries to fight for her right and insists on going.
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