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diet is healthy eating
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Diet plans favouring grapefruits , cabbage soup , food combination or even low-fat regimens are not the answer to weight loss . If you have been considering dieting because you thing you ought to , give some thought to this fact : the vast majority of dieters eventually go back to their pre-diet or become heavier than they were before . Most people who start dieting will continue to do so , on and off , for the rest of their lives . If a range of foods is designated as forbidden , dieters feel guilty if they transgress , which makes them feel worse about themselves . Dieting makes food an enemy , not a source of sustenance and well-being . So called yo-yo dieting losing weight , putting it back on , losimg it again and so on is bad for your health . If you suddenly reduce your food intake , you body because ot is designed for survival , will slow down your metabolic rate in order to store enegy more efficiently . This is why people on diet crave snacks like chocolate , which gives a quick boost to their energy levels , why weight loss slow down dramatically after the first couple of weeks . Weigjt loss in the early weeks of crash dieting is not , asm many people believe , made up mostly of unwanted fat . First you lose those carbohydrates store in the muscle and liver as glycogen . This is why you feel tired on such a diet and have less strength for lifting and running because you are losing muscle power . You will also lose a lot of water , which make you feel less bloated and appear slimmer , when in fact you are still carrying the same amount of fat on your body .
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