do you know that frogs and toads are master at staying away from humans? you can hear their loud choruses as they cling to tree branches or wallow is small pools. however, is it unlikely you will wall on them
frogs and toads are amphibians . this word meaning ' twin lives' refers to the fact the most frogs and toads spend the early part to their lives in water and their later lives on land. malaysia is full of great places to have frog and toad adventures . it is best to look out for or catch frogs when it is cool and quiet. the easiest way to learn about frogs is to start by learning about their families.
most of us confuse frogs and toads because that look very similar . if only we care to take a closer look l, we can see there are some differences between the two.frogs have smooth, moist skin that make then look slimy. they have higher , rounder and bulgier eyes. they also have longger hind legs. so they can take long high jumps.however, they need to live near water to survive
on the other hand, toads do not need to live water to survive. unlike frog, they have rough, dry ang bumpy skinz lower, football shaped eyes and shorter, less powerful hind legs
among the local malays, the croaking
of frogs is said to be a forecast of rain. they say that when your hear frogs croaking, they are actually calling for rain, and there will be a shower soon. of course we also hear frogs croaking even after the rain

1. The word used to descride the noist made by frogs and toads in thr jungle is
C. choruses

2. The phrase 'twin lives' means that frogs and toads in water and on land
B. are different species
C. live twice
D. live a longer life

3.The best way to learn about ftogs is to study their
A. habitats
B.physical features
C. families
D. food

4. Why do people tend to think that frogs are the same as toads.
A.They look similar
B. They are both amphibians
C. They live in water and on land
D.They make loud croaking sounds

5.Frogs differ from toads in
A.size, feet and food,legs and hand
C.eyes, lehs and food, eyes and hind legs

6. To the malays, the croaking of froga is
A. a bod sign
B. a sign of luck
C. a sign that there will be rain
D. a sign of trouble



4.A(not really sure)