Many people all around the world would say “I’m not good at anything!” or “I have no special talents. I am terrible at everything!” Well, I believe that everyone has their own special talents. They just have to find it, even if it takes years.

When I was in fourth grade, I discovered my first special talent, cross country. I had already been running for two years, but fourth grade is when I really started seeing improving results in my speed, leg strength, and my stamina. In third grade, I was in the middle of everyone. I wasn’t the slowest, but I wasn’t the fastest. By fourth grade, I was the fastest kid on my team the whole year and all through fifth grade too. I won many trophies and medals, and I finally achieved my goal to be the most skillful runner on my team, until middle school came around.

One of my other special talents is reading. I have always been a great reader. By fourth grade, I could read at a sixth or seventh grade reading level, pronouncing words right and comprehending what I read has always been easy for me too. I found my special talents easily, but for others it might not be as easy.

I believe everyone has their own special talent. Some people may never find their special talent during their life, but others may find theirs early on in their life. Some people may even find theirs and then lose it, because they didn’t try hard enough at it or practice enough. Whether their talent is sports related, singing, art, academic, etc., everyone is good at something. Many others may not believe this, but I do. My family, my friends, and myself? We’re perfectly good examples. You might not know yours yet but that’s okay.

If you find yourself in the situation of not knowing your special talents, just know that you’re not alone. There are many other people who haven’t found theirs either, but you will, because everyone has their own special talent or talents. They just have to find it.

*ubah jelah mane yg patut