Please help me..
i come
=i am coming
=i come
=i will come
1.she buys files
3.he gives
4.the water flows
5.the moon rests of the ladies shouts.
7.the boat sinks
8.the flower bloom
9.the postman comes
10.all of them see
11.most girls play
12.the tiger roors
13.both boys win
14.the fan turns
15.many teacher scold
16.more people leaves
17.each one brings
18.everyone tells
19.nobody pushes one keeps
21.somebody hits
22.several men see
23.most of them put shines
25.the baby cries

*kesemua soalan haruslah diberikan 3 jwpn.
-now i am
- yesterday i
-tomorrow i will



She is buying
she buys
she will buy