Chapter 1 :
The Robinsons' ship hits some rocks after a bad storm.However, they decide to spend the night on the ship.The next day, the children[Fritz,Ernest,Jack and Frank]explore the ship,find useful things and animals and they make a boat.
Chapter 2:
They arrive on the island the next day.They make a tent with sailcloth and beds with grass.They find shelfish and use the shells as spoons to eat soup.They also save the corn to sow later.
Chapter 3:
They explore the island to look for people.They find a variety of plants,sugar cane,coconuts and gourds to make utensils.One of the dogs kills a monkey and the children take its baby to the tent.
Chapter 4:
Father and Fritz spend two nights on the ship collecting more things.They tie barrels to the animals[a pig,a donkey,and some ship and goats]to take them ashore.
Chapter 5;
Mum finds a perfect spot a cross the river for a new house.There are huge trees and it is cool so she thinks of a tree house.They build a bridge and cleverly take their animals a cross.
Chapter 6:
The children help Dad to make a rope ladder with bamboo steps.The chickens liked it.They also make a bow and arrows to save the gunpowder in case they meet dangerous mens.
Chapter 7:
They use the donkey to pull more wood.They make the floor of the tree house on two thick braches and hang a sail from a higher branch a roof.