Yes. Because i can enjoy the greenery scene in grandparents live era.
I think i would like to live in that era.Cause in that era we don't have technologies and all this smartphones and all stuffs that can distaracted us to study,to know people more,to spend our time with our beloved family and we will be more independent.We must do everything ourself and from that we will gain a lot of memory.Even in that era there are a lot of wars but still from that experience we will know the real world.We will appreciate each other.Ya,eventhough now we have everything and all we have to do is just google,call or whatssup but from all this we don't know how to  really be independent.We will feel everything hard if we don't have all  of this technologies but in facts if we don't have all of this i think we willl not be too lazy to do something even a small matter.Besides,if you could see our grandpa or grandma who lives in that era they are still strong and healthy even when they are 60's or 90's.