They can use the handphone to search for information in the browser like google,mozilla,yahoo,etc.
But theres a lot of bad factor that make student cant bring handphone to school like watching something that is not good like 'pron', playing games while the teacher is teaching,chatting with other friend by messaging them,etc.
Even parents didnt allow to bring handphone to school.
So dont bring handphone to school.
Follow your parents order.

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but i want the advantages of bringing handphone to school..... so can u help me ?
the advantage is
:Students can search for information, they also can communicate with other schoolmate to have fun while there is no teacher, no homework, nothing to do that time. Student like me can use it for playing games in the dorm, chat with my friends, and family because I am STARIAN. Its SBP. Its a boarding school.
only that is in my mind :D
thank yew
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If they're in emergency , they can call their parents . It also can use for their homework . Nowadays , people are using Sync app for any informations about the school routine . You also can use the phone when the teacher ask you to research something which out from the book so it makes your life easier :) Hope it helps ! 
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