Past tense:

1. Ali and Abu are playing at the field during the rainy day.
2. Shika wants to drink coffee.
3. Muna has a book about friendship
4. I have a shoes.
5. Kiki and Shasha are best friends.

Present tense:

1. Ali and Abu were playing at the field during the rainy day.
2. Shika wanted to drink coffee.
3. Muna had a book about friendship.
4. Ahmad had a bag.
5. Kiki and Shasha were best friends.
up is the present tense and down is the past tense .
up dengan down bukan antonim ke?
Present Tense: 1.We should brush our teeth and shower every morning to avoid from sick. 2.Aiman and Aisyah always jog together every morning to be as fit as a fiddle. 3.Alia always eats an apple as she believe in an apple a day keeps the doctor away. 4.Alisyah always help Finalce whenever she needs as the saying goes a friend in need is a friend indeed. 5.We shouldn't eat fast food always because it contains a lot of preservative. Past Tense: 1.I helped my mother to bake a delicious chocolate cake yesterday. 2.Aimanah and Alif sat at the side of the beach to look at the sunset. 3.We saw a clown was blowing balloons for the children who were crying just now. 4.Aina dug up the stone to find some treasure that Siti hide. 5.Lisa fell on the ground when she tried to jump over the fence.