First paragraph boleh crita psl introduction that girl...
example:    Alia is my friends.she is 12 years old.she is my good friends..bla bla bla...second paragraph.. alia tngok kt tingkp..ade org jual aiskrim..trnmpk org pkai bju buruk..nk bli aiskrim tpi x de duit..before that..boleh ckp..terdengar ring3...third paragraph..awk n alia..kluar rumh..bli kn aiskrim utk org miskin tu...forth paragraph..boleh ckp..org miskin tu happt then thanks kt korang sbb bgi aiskrim tu kt dia..it just my idea..hehe
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Last Friday , Indah came to my house to play congkak. We were good friends since 12. I stay at Indah's house until Sunday to discuss our Science coursework. While we're playing , I heard the ice cream bell's were ringing.
   Indah is looking something strange outside of her house and saw the kids buy an ice cream . Unfortunately, Indah saw a girl who wants to buy an ice cream but she don't have any money to buy it . Indah and I felt sympathy so we went out to the incident.
    We bought the ice cream at the moment we buy it for the kid too. She was so happy and thanked us for the treat . finally , we became best friends .

Hope it helps !