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Importance of cleanliness
importance of family outing

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pollution is how is our world polluted n ways 2 ovrcme pollution
i m nt very sure srry cos i gt importance of cleanliness
tq sherine
tq so much
yup sure
Night market - a lot of things , half price from the original price , can get buy one free one , get a free gift when you buy them 
Holiday - where , reasons . If you say you wanna go holiday in abroad , say that you wanna learn their language , my dream place etc related to your dreams .
Stress - it's not good for your health , can get sick easily , will be sleepy at class , can't pay attention in the class . 
Favourite food - tell your favourite food , how to make them , where do you eat usually , when do you go to get it or you make it by yourself & why do you enjoy the food .
These are the topics you need to research i don't think you need to do that sebab semua berkaitan about your experience or your dreams so just consider this oral as the way you talk to your friends :) I got Holiday topic anyway , your next ! I hope it helps !