Last month, Tina's father bought her a parrot.The parrot was as beautiful as a rainbow.She kept the parrot safely in a cage.Tina was very happy because it was the first time her father gave her a pet.
     One day,she came back from her extra class,she noticed that the parrot was missing.She realised that she forgot to lock the cage.Without any delay,as fast as lightning, she told her mother about the missing parrot.She looked for the parrot everywhere but unfortunately,she did not found her beloved pet.She was very sad and started crying bitterly.Puan Zahnita,her mother comforted her.She apologies her mother for her carelessness.Her mother advice her to be more careful on the future.She regretted her mistake and promised to turn over a new leaf.

Harap dapat membantu anda Reem...=)
Jawapan Paling Bijak!
During the last holiday, Nora went to aresort in Pulau Pangkor. There was a swimming pool for children As well As another big pool for adults. As soon As nora and her family arrived there,they changed into their swimming costumes and jumped into the pool.

Suddenly, they heard a lady screaming .Her little child has fallen on adult pool.She did not know how to swim and shouted out for help.

Nora's elder brother immediately jumped into the pool and saved the child.The lady thankful to him. Nora's parents we're very proud of their brave son

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