Make an essay with these words

Set 3: A family- car- Cameron Highlands- checked in- reception-key-visit-strawberry- flower-farm

td kat sekolah bru bincang karangan ni
soalan ni kita orang bincang kat sekolah ngan cikgu selepas ambik exam upsr


Last sunday, my family and I went to Cameron Highland. We went there by car. The purpose we went there is to see the beautiful scenery. We also went there to see how the workers pluck the teas. It was an amazing scenery.
After enjoying the view at the plantation, we went to a luxurious hotel. We checked in at the reception. The next day,we went to visit a farm.
The farm has various types of floras. There are strawberries , watermelons and many other kinds of flower. It was an amazing experience.