Bagaimana nak buat ulasan the railway children untuk character determination

hai . cikgu saya kata kalau nak dapat 10 markah kena lebih detail . ikut grammar awak macammana . kalau grammar awak tak okay tapi awak punya isi detail ada . awak layak dapat 09 . So , jawapan saya adalah (awak kena tambah grammar dengan buat ayat sendiri ok ? kalau awak salin dan hafal bulat bulat yang saya salin ni cikgu saya kata nanti awak cuma boleh dapat 5 markah aje .
-brave i) asks for help to stranger {the old gentlemen} *things for her mother . her mother is sick . they are poor
-Bobbie i) she becomes brave to overcome /face the problems . *she managed to think of a very to solve the problem
-save the train at 9:15 a.m { -from a landslide . {use bobbie and phyllis petticoats {use red because its means dangerous { make six flags and use sticks to hold the flags {stand and wave the flags to warn the train but the train driver doesnt see { bobbie ran around the train and stop the railway line . { the train stops just 20 metres from bobbie


Novel that i chosen is The Railway Children by Edith Nesbit . I would like to write about character of Peter . Peter is Bobbie's brother . He is the second child in the family . Peter is a very brave and smart young chap .Her ambitions is he wants to become an engginer when he grows up . He has a knack for railway engines . He was overjoyed when his father gave him a steam angine for his birthday . One distinct character of Peter is sharp-witted (intteligent) . For an example , it was he who gave the idea for using something red in colour to wave and stop the train from meeting. He cut his sister's red petticoats into 6 pieces and put them on the sticks . Then , Peter was honest in giving the idea of asking the village people to give gifts for Perk's birthday . Lastly, we can see how brave Peter was in searching for the boy in the red shirt in the dark tunner . He was shaking in fear but still he continued the searched for the buy with his sister. (: