-I would like to share some interesting places/ experience/ tips on _________.
-I am writing to tell you some ___________.
-I am writing to ask permission to excuse from classes on___________.
-I am so glad to hear you are coming for a visit.
-You and your family can stay at ___________.
-The ________ near my house is having a sale.

-Lastly / Finally,

-I will recommend the _____________.
-You will see ______________.
-Another place you must visit is _____________.
-This mall / It offers a variety of local handmade items.
-You can make a trip to ______________.
-You can see the beautiful landsape / the flora and fauna.
-You can enjoy ___________.
-You can go _____________.
-You should go _____________.
-The first stop is _________.
-The main attraction is _____________.
-After that you will walk to ____________.
-You can learnt about ____________.
-Another fun activities is _____________.
-You can gain useful / some experience.
-It will be held at _____________.
-It starts at __________ and ends at ___________ every day.

-I hope you will excuse me.
-I hope you can visit the pet shop before the sale ends.
-I hope you and your family move an enjoyable trip. bye.
-I hope you will enjoy yourself.
-I hope you will have a great time there.

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Dear ______
hello ______.you said that you wanted to visit some places of interest in santubong using your bycycle that you rent.i think i know just the right place you should go.first destination is,you should go to _______.second........(and so on)