EXERCISE 1 : Fixing a flower pot after being hit by a cat.

Azmi and Abu are close friends. Every day, they used to go to the canteen together. There, they will buy food and drinks and then sit beside each other.
One fine morning, as usual they went to the canteen It was recess and they wre hungry. Azmi and Abu walked to the canteen and planned to buy something to eat.
Out of the blue, as they were walking towards the canteen, a white cat ran fast by them. Apparently, there was another cat chasing the white cat. Unfortunately, the white cat hit a flower pot and it fell. Azmi quickly chased both cats away while Abu put the flower pot at its place. They were relieved because the flower pot did not break.
Later, a teacher noticed the incident. He was Mr.Kumar. He praised both Azmi and Abu for being so alert and helpful. He also felt proud of the boys' quick action.

Exercise 2 : Someone disposing old story books and a friend interested to have them.

It was the school holidays. Amin was in his bedroom. He had no specific activities to do so he planned to clean his bookshelves in his bedroom. There were a lot of books on his bookshelves. Amin knew some books were old and he didn't need them.
Amin chose all the story books which were not needed. He wanted to throw them away. He had the intention to ask his parents to buy new story books. After he had collected all the old story books, he carried them out of the house.
There was a big dustbin near the house gate. He slowly put the old story books into the bustbin. He would not burn them as it might pollute the air. As he was throwing the books, out of the blue, his neighbour, Abdul called him. His neighbour asked him not to throw the books since he was interested to take them home.
Immediately, Amin stopped and waited for his neighbour. Since his neighbour was asking for the old story books, Amin unhesitatedly gave the books to him. Abdul thanked Amin and he was so grateful. He then brought the books home.
At home, Abdul sat in the living room and read the books. Abdul's father was happy to see his son reading books. He was indeed proud of Abdul.

Exercise 3 : Helping an old man who fell from his bicycle.

It was Monday afternoon. Azmi and Amin were on their way home from school. They were walking along a quiet road.
As they were walking, they saw an old man riding a bicycle. He was carrying some chickens at the back of his bicycle. There were a few holes on the road. The man could not cycle properly, He lost his balance and he fell down. His chickens jumped out of the basket and ran away. The poor man groaned in pain. He needed immediate help.
Without wasting time, Azmi and Amin rushed to the poor man. They quickly helped him. Azmi and Amin caught the chickens and tied its legs with strings. Then they nicely put them back into the basket. The old man was relieved because his chickens were safely caught.
The old man then thanked Azmi and Amin for their kindness. He continued cycling to his destination. Azmi and Azmi continued their journey home. They reminded the old man to be more careful.

Exercise 4 : Buying a poor boy bread.

It was Saturday evening. Both Amin and Azmi were playing marbles. They enjoyed playing the game because it is their favourite outdoor game.
While they were excitingly playing marbles, suddenly a bread vendor passed by. Azmi felt a bit hungry so he stopped the bread vendor. He wanted to buy some bread.
At the same time, Azmi's neighbours, Daud and his younger brother Abu were sitting at the door. Abu was asking his brother to buy him some bread but unfortunately Daud had no money.
Azmi saw the two siblings and he felt so sorry for both of them. Azmi then bought extra bread and gave Daud and Abu. Both Daud and Abu were very happy and thankful to Azmi.
Out of nowhere, Pak Talib, the village headman appeared. He saw the incident. He praised Azmi for being helpful and generous to his neighbours. Azmi felt proud.