Pangkor Island is a popular tourist island in Malaysia. The main tourist attraction is the beauty of the beach, crystal clear waters and rich sea coral and marine life beautiful. Pangkor Island is also the historic island where he had been a stronghold of the Netherlands in the past. For visitors who want to plan a budget holiday to Pulau Pangkor, this is information of tourism activities and attractions in Pulau Pangkor to guide you.
 Pangkor Island is located in the Straits of Malacca. It is included in Manjung in Perak Darul Ridzuan. The city closest to Pangkor Island is Lumut on the mainland. The tourists who want to Pangkor Island will take a ferry from Lumut Jetty.
 Customers who want to Pangkor can bring their own vehicles to the town of Lumut. If the highway from the south. you can follow the exit Bidor, while from the north you can follow the exit Changkat Jering. There is a spacious parking area is available as private parking, grounds or parking storied mosque Lumut Manjung Municipal Council. But the peak time during the school holidays or public holidays, the parking area is indeed adequate. Tourists who wish to travel to Pulau Pangkor can also use public transportation such as bus or taxi. Many companies express bus from the main city in Malaysia that provides a way to Manjung or continue to Lumut.

Next, visitors must get a ticket for the ferry at Lumut Jetty to Pangkor. There are many ferries that operate as early as 6.30am to 8.30pm. The fare for adults is RM10.00 and RM5.00 for children. The ferry ride to Pangkor Island takes about 45 minutes. Upon arrival at Pangkor Island, a tourist van or taxi that can take visitors to the resort or chalet accommodation. Visitors can rent a bicycle, motorcycle or car if you want to visit historical places or visiting attractions in Pulau Pangkor.

Visitors can also take Berjaya Air flights from Kuala Lumpur airport Teluk Dalam, Pulau Pangkor.
 Pangkor Island was once the Dutch settlements to colonize Perak. There are relics fortress built as a defense against Perak Malay warriors. Among the historic sites that can be visited are:

Dutch City - Located in Teluk Gedung, Pulau Pangkor.
Inscribed Stone - Located in Teluk Gedung, Pulau Pangkor.
Dutch Cemetery - Located in Sungai Pinang.
 Pangkor Island has several attractive beaches that can be visited. Clean sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and the coastal waving tree is a tourist attraction to this island. Here is a list of beach in Pulau Pangkor:

Pantai Teluk Nipah.
Pantai Pasir Bogak.
Teluk Ketapang beach (Turtle Bay).
Man bay.
Pantai Puteri Dewi.
Teluk Dalam.
Cempedak bay.
Gulf Building.
Segadas bay.
Coral bay.
 There are several small islands around Pulau Pangkor. Visitors coming to these islands can rent a boat or take a package of activities offered.

Pangkor Laut - Pangkor Laut Resort, Emerald Bay.
Mentangor island.
Pulau Giam.
Additional attractions in Pulau Pangkor which can be visited are:

Satay Fish Factory - Factory Hai Seng Hin.
Factory anchovies.
Boat builders.
Taman Lin Kung Fu
Pekan Pangkor
Teluk Dalam Airport
Various interesting activities available in Pangkor Island can do during your vacation there. There are activities that require a package and some are not. Among the interesting activities that you can do is:

Sea bathing and relaxing on the beach to see the sights of interest.
Sightseeing around the island - Island Tour with van - Price approximately RM80 - RM100 (depending).
Rent a bike or a motorcycle and go around the island.
Fish and squid -For fishing enthusiasts, do not miss the opportunity to get a fishing trip around Pulau Pangkor.
Watching the sunset on the beach.
Jungle trekking.
Kayaking - RM10 per hour.
Snorkeling - RM15 per person.
Scuba Diving - The price depends on the package.
Nets Pull - Package 4 and above. Experience how to catch fish using a trawl.
Water sports - jet skiing, boarding, banana boating, kayaking, island hopping and also play beach volleyball.
Boat trip - The price depends on the chosen trip.
Sunset Cruising - RM400 for a package of 4-6 people.
List of resorts in Pantai Pasir Bogak:

Coral Bay Resort.
Golden Beach Resort.
Pangkor Sandy Beach Resort.
Pangkor Village Beach Resort.
Puteri Bayu Resort.
Sea View Resort.
Uptown Beach Resort.
Ye Lin Guesthouse.
 List of resorts in Pantai Teluk Nipah:

Anjungan Beach Resort & Spa.
Budget Beach Resort.
D 'Sunset Chalet.
Flora Beach Resort.
Horizon Inn.
Hornbill Resort.
Lyana Villa Chalet.
Nipah Bay Villa.
Nipah Guest House.
Nipah Waterfront.
Ombak Inn Chalet.
Palma Beach Resort.
Pangkor Bayview Resort.
Pangkor Inn Chalet.
Pangkor Indah Beach Resort.
Panvill Resort & Training Camp.
Purnama Beach Resort.
Raudhah Camp.
Seagull Beach Resort.
Sunset View Resort.
Suria Beach Resort.
List of resorts in Pekan Pangkor:

D'Village Guest House.
Chuan Fu Hotel.
Min Lian Hotel.
List of resorts on the private beach area: