My sister and I made some plans for our mother`s birthday but my brother ------------------------- by telling her.

A) made both ends meet
B) let the cat out of the bag
C) took the bull by its horn
D) turned over a new leaf

(kalau boleh... tolong bagi maksud maksud proverb to skali)



Akk bagi maksud dulu eh.

i.made both ends meet
-earn enough money to live getting into debt

ii.let the cat out of the bag
-reveal a secret carelessly or by mistake

iii.took the bull by its horn 
-when you go ahead and tackle a difficult situation or challange

iv.turned over a new leaf
-menjadi seseorang yg baru. (tetiba malay)

okayy, sooooo jawapannya ialahhhhhhhhhhhhh

B- meawww

good luck ~ ganbatte

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Magnificent! Hope there are more good answer providers like us. Ganbarimasu yo ;)