I was the head prefect in my school. It was all fine until I encountered an incident that made me lose my title as the prefect.
I was known as the shy prefect. I always wonder what the teachers saw in me that makes they made me a prefect. One day, I saw a big size student was bullying a student. I do not know what to do. In the mean time,the student kept on shouting, begging for help.
I was afraid. I made the desicion to run, saving my life. However,I did not have the brave to tell the teacher about it. The next day, i was called into the principal office. I was shocked to see the same student was sitting in front of the principal.
The principal made the decision to punish me. I was no longer a head prefect. I regretted the action that I took. I feel bad for the student.I should have made a better decision, a responsible decision.
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