Jawapan Paling Bijak!
Having a strong and intimate family relationships is indeed crucial in one's life. 

One importance of it is to keep all family members stay united as one. In this novel, Newt is such a pitiful young boy. He was often left behind by his busy parents and his famous brother who had to go for football matches. As a result, he felt lonely and spend most of his time alone or with his only best friends, Cecil and JJ. Fortunately, Newt was an independent boy and he did not really need his parents' aid in handling his daily routines. He was even the one who cooked for the family.

Furthermore, having a strong family relationships can motivate us to stay strong and alive! In this novel, Chris was sent to the hospital due to a fatal injury that left him in a coma. Newt loved his brother so much that he always wanted to visit his brother. After the event where he was injured while saving Reggie, he was placed in the same room as where Chris was. He felt there was nothing he could do although he was right next to his brother. He recalled the sweet memories he had with Chris and all of a sudden he unconsciously shouted "Hit the showers!" loudly. The shout miraculously woken Chris from his coma. This event obviously shows that the strong bond Newt shared with his brother is like magic and is priceless. The brothers' relationship is what made Newt stay strong and woken Chris up.
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