NO,electrical energy does not have mass n does not occupies space
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As how obvious it is, electrical energy is just a form of energy.

However, lightning, on the other hand, is a matter of the 4th : plasma. Now you will read what is not taught to students in primary and secondary schools, and discover the lies they tell you that there are only 3 states of matter : solid, liquid, gas.

1. Solid 
- the particles are close to each other, only vibrating at its own position and the pattern is fixed. The energy contain is low

2. Liquid
- the particles are not close to each other, they move freely by sliding against each other. The energy contain is higher.

3. Gas
- the particles are far from each other, moving freely in random directions. The energy contain is higher than that of solid and liquid.

4. Plasma
- It contains higher kinetic energy where the particles are not closely bound to its atom. The electrons move freely and are ionized. Therefore they can conduct electricity. One example is fire.

5. Bose - Einstein Condensate (BEC)
- element that is cooled to as low as 0ÂșC. The atoms clump together closely that they form a single superatom. It moves freely without friction.
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