1.kekurangan makanan. 2.kurang hasil buruan.
They did not live in an organized system of a community, instead they lived with their families and always with their families. They were nomads, which means that they did not have permanent shelter and always moved from place to place in search for new shelter where there are food and water supply. Therefore, there was no need for a community back in Paleolithic times. They lived simple lives and not really had wide socialization.

During the Neolithic times, however, they learnt to build their own shelter and made it permanent. They built shelters near each others' and hence the existence of small village. They needed more individuals to hunt for food, thus they made tribes and groups among themselves. A community was formed, where there was a hierarchy with the head of the village at the top of the ranking. 

Taking every into account, it is due to the nomadic lifestyle of the Paleolithic people that made them not permanently present in an area where a community could be formed.
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