Staccato is a word used for detached in Italian.
Staccato is just like non-legato and legato, it's a method of performing a note. Staccato is play inthe same manner as non-legato, but it has a much sharper and shorter sound to it. It's always shown by a dot below or above the notes.

As for how to play it is (this is how I guess):
1) Start with the simplest scales like C major or a minor.
2) Try to play the scale of your choice slowly.
3) Play each note very short and sharp.
4) In order to play staccato, move the position of the wrists from down to up.
5) At the same time, play the note with the fingers.(Reminder : this step is for beginners.)
6) As you get better, should only playing notes with the fingers, and the wrists must be stable, instead of moving up and down.(It's because when playing slowly and possible to move the wrists, but when playing fast you won't have time to change position of the wrists.)
7) While practicing scales using staccato gradually increase the speed.
8) When able to perform the scale of your choice, move on and practice other scales.

I hope this helps and sorry if it's wrong...
Yep this is right. Play it with the staccato articulation. That is semi detached on the piano.