A.from farm
b.dont count the chicken before they hatch
c.to buy flour and eggs to make some strawberry pies to make a bigger profit
e.It is wrong.She should focus when she is doing something
A) the farm
B) don't count your chickens before they hatch

C) After selling the strawberries, she planned to buy some ingredients to make some stawberry pies which will then be sold for a bigger profit. Then, with the money she will earn, she wants to buy a red silk dress.

D) Yes, she thought about everything that she wants to do in the future. For instance, she planned to buy the ingredients required to make strawberry pies.

E) It is in every inch not a correct action. Daydreaming while doing other things distract our attention and might ruin what we are doing. We should pay more attention to what we are doing in the current time to avoid mistake and clumsiness.
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这故事告诉我们必须好好地做计划, 于是在做东西过程中别发白热梦,以免后果不堪设想