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Nak jwpan mcmmane? explain skit
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x..xmain wc
owhhh ....xpela
main insta dgn ws je
owhhh...ade insta
sye pun ade insta jugak
Pendahuluan - traffic jam to Kuala Lumpur - Johor Bahru 
                      - usually we arrived there 4 to 5 hours but today we were at this highway since 10am and the current time here was 1pm
                     - i was listening to my mp3 and suddenly i heard something crashed 

Isi - we immediately went to the incident
     - we were shocked and the victim was one of my schoolmate
     - my father knows her parents as well so my father called the paramedic as fast as he could.
Isi 2 - 15 minutes later , the paramedic came and take the victims to the ambulance 
       -  so we followed the ambulance as well to Hospital Besar Nilai
       - it was one of my schoolmate so my mum let me to visit her for awhile and i brought her some souvenir 
Isi 3 - 10 minutes later , she awake , she recognise me who am i , she thanked me for the quick action of saving her and family.
      - she gave me rm10 as a reward 
      - my family & i get our car back and go to our vacation at Johor Bahru